Beyond TV: Extend Reach, Higher Brand Recall, More Cost Effective

A recent study performed with YuMe presented new arguments as to why online streaming  can serve as a complement to a standard broadcast buy. Here are some of the findings:

Content present on multiple media extends reach: YuMe online video increased reach for the targeted 35–54 age demographic by 7 percentage points when complemented by a TV flight. In addition, nearly 9 million people were exposed to the campaign on multiple screens.

Average frequency across screens increases: The number of respondents exposed to the PHD campaign three or more times increased by 31 percent, while those exposed to the campaign six or more times rose by 52 percent.

Low eCPMs for online video drive substantial cost efficiencies: Although less than one-sixth the cost of the TV schedule, the $500,000 spend invested in the YuMe Network drove an increase of 34 percent in gross rating points (GRPs) from the original TV schedule. The efficiency of the online video spend was nearly double that of the concurrent TV spend and the cost per point (CPP) was reduced by 11 percent.

Brand and message recall improves with YuMe: Impression-per-impression, YuMe online video outperformed TV in terms of both brand and message recall compared to the campaign TV norm. Results of a Nielsen TV Brand Effect analysis showed an increase of 22 percent for brand recall and 31 percent for message recall one day post-exposure.

YuMe outperforms online video ad network norms: YuMe’s Connected Audience Network outperformed its peers in both brand and message recall, demonstrating an increase of 33 and 50 percent respectively seven days post-exposure.

source: MarketWatch 


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