Desktops, in style

I recently made a career switch, leaving my company of six years for a boutique (and now independent) creative agency. As part of the move I decided to part ways with much of the   crap that I had accumulated over the six years. It was your typical kitschy stuff that one acquires when working at a media agency, all adorned with logos of the media partners who are attempting to swoon you with their back closet goods that no one wants.

I started my new job, and my new desk, with a minimalist approach. I brought nothing from the old job with me, except ambition. It’s been two months now and my desk is pretty much in the same form that I started with. A phone, a small desk lamp, a Dilbert tear-away calendar (my addition) and then some stacks of paperwork that I assume I’ll reference sooner or later. While it’s not as personalized its easy and simple.

Then there is this article that I read that covers the workspaces of six creative professionals – all which leave my desk with much to be desired. But at the end, the each are representative of the personalities, the passions, the work-style of each individual – whether simplistic or chaotic…it works for them.


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