Economy Class, Re-defined

As someone who lives to see the world, the flights are probably my least favorite part. From the cramped leg space to the minimal seat pitch – it’s nice to see that there are changes being made in the world of mile high comfort.

Introducing Premium Economy from Cathay Pacific. Available on select routes between the US and Hong Kong. While many other airlines are creating similar class offers with extra leg room, it’s the situation of being on a plane for over 10 hours where I feel like these changes make the world of difference.

What does come with a 60% fare increase also comes with priority check in, increased checked luggage weight (from 20kg to 25kg), private cabin consisting of 26-34 seats, a foot rest, complimentary champagne, noise canceling headphones, a 38″ seat pitch (vs. 32″ in economy), 10.6″ personal TV, iPod/iPhone dock, in-seat power outlet and a menu that goes against every stereotype of airline food.

One can appreciate how Cathay is recognizing that the flight itself is a big part of any trip, especially those 12-14 hour flights. And while people have survived these flights in less than desirable conditions (i.e. economy) I’d like to believe that these changes will make the  flight more tolerable and less like a countdown to landing.

Time to start saving my pennies.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle



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