The Cupcake Craze Goes Up A Notch

I got wind of this through my trusty, local news channel WGN where they cover the essentials in news – including this Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills (of course).

What has become a national chain of sugar filled, buttercream topped cups, Sprinkles has gone automatic by installing an ATM that dispenses made-fresh-daily cupcakes. Open 24-hours, this aims to feed our midnight cupcake cravings.

Source: LAist

Chipotle An Unsung Winner at 54th Grammy’s, Promotes Sustainability


Last summer I attended Chipotle’s Cultivate festival in Lincoln Park. I happened to stumble upon it as I was making my way home but it looked inviting so I went in — free of charge no less. There were pockets of activities happening – from Top Chef cooking secrets to kids arts ‘n craft tables to food tents. All of it in an effort to promote Chipotle’s sustainable farming methods and treatment of animals.

Fast forward to yesterday when this commercial aired nationally during the 54th Grammy’s (apparently this video was released last year but this was it’s first national debut). Similar in strategy, this 2 minute animation further reinforces Chipotle’s humane approach to fast food. A touching and well crafted video, vocally accompanied by Willie Nelson covering Cold Play.

Source: CafeMom

Desktops, in style

I recently made a career switch, leaving my company of six years for a boutique (and now independent) creative agency. As part of the move I decided to part ways with much of the   crap that I had accumulated over the six years. It was your typical kitschy stuff that one acquires when working at a media agency, all adorned with logos of the media partners who are attempting to swoon you with their back closet goods that no one wants.

I started my new job, and my new desk, with a minimalist approach. I brought nothing from the old job with me, except ambition. It’s been two months now and my desk is pretty much in the same form that I started with. A phone, a small desk lamp, a Dilbert tear-away calendar (my addition) and then some stacks of paperwork that I assume I’ll reference sooner or later. While it’s not as personalized its easy and simple.

Then there is this article that I read that covers the workspaces of six creative professionals – all which leave my desk with much to be desired. But at the end, the each are representative of the personalities, the passions, the work-style of each individual – whether simplistic or chaotic…it works for them.

HERE, by Starwood, The Luxury Collection


A puzzle, a journey and an adventure in luxury, the 15 minute film is warming and meditative. The piece is timeless—there are no hints of when, only where. The hotels are featured, but not promoted. It’s a simple love story full of happiness and levity. The costumes, sets and lighting are all gorgeous. HERE is a piece of art, but HERE is also a film commissioned by the brand and marketing group at Starwood’s The Luxury Collection. While we’re not surprised Waris and his team could produce such a great work, it’s a pleasure to know that an organization like Starwood could step back and have trust in the creative process, letting a piece like this come to life.