Nike Leverages Celebrity, Jeremy Lin, to Create Utility Content

This video came up on my Facebook news feed. While Nike is always creating great work, what I like about this is that they are using a relevant celebrity to create video content that is not only entertaining but also providing some utility. And clearly, it’s interesting enough to provoke social sharing.

Chipotle An Unsung Winner at 54th Grammy’s, Promotes Sustainability


Last summer I attended Chipotle’s Cultivate festival in Lincoln Park. I happened to stumble upon it as I was making my way home but it looked inviting so I went in — free of charge no less. There were pockets of activities happening – from Top Chef cooking secrets to kids arts ‘n craft tables to food tents. All of it in an effort to promote Chipotle’s sustainable farming methods and treatment of animals.

Fast forward to yesterday when this commercial aired nationally during the 54th Grammy’s (apparently this video was released last year but this was it’s first national debut). Similar in strategy, this 2 minute animation further reinforces Chipotle’s humane approach to fast food. A touching and well crafted video, vocally accompanied by Willie Nelson covering Cold Play.

Source: CafeMom